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Cancer can affect people in many ways, from going through the journey with a loved one, having a friend being diagnosed, or sadly going through the cancer journey yourself.


At Hansford & Crocker, we are here to help whether you are going through cancer treatment, finished treatment or you are a cancer survivor in the post phase of the journey. 


We have been privileged to have worked with Macmillan and The Queen’s centre in Hull where we were able to roll out our exclusively designed 12 weeks cancer rehabilitation programme which helped over 600 cancer patients becoming fitter and able to do the things in life that cancer had prevented them from doing. 


We understand you are an individual and will work one on one with you to help achieve your goals whether it is to walk up stairs not feeling fatigued or out of breathe, getting back to walking the distances you used to or even getting you back to the sport you so loved to play.


We will listen, understand your journey and tailor our service to you as every person goes through this journey in different ways and it can affect a person very differently which we strive to understand and help with.


Having a Stroke is a debilitating, worrying and fearful time for you and for your loved ones. At Hansford and Crocker, we understand the journey you are about to undertake and are here to help with that journey in movement, strength and to reach the goals that can be possible.


With a stroke, the injury to the brain leads to widespread and long lasting problems such as weakness, paralysis and issues with co-ordination and balance which practitioners at Hansford and Crocker can help with. Although some people may recover quickly, many people who have a stroke need long-term support to help them regain as much independence as possible.


Every stroke affects a person in different ways and we strive to treat everyone as an individual and look to help with the goals they want to achieve whilst assessing the effects a stroke has had physically and mentally.


Our first step is to arrange a meeting to talk and plan a way forward to create expectations and a comprehensive rehabilitation and treatment plan which fits with your lifestyle.


Hansford & Crocker are determined and here for you. Call or email for more information and to arrange an appointment.


At Hansford & Crocker we offer Cardiac Rehabilitation to help clients that have had cardiac events such as heart attacks, heart surgery, or been diagnosed with heart disease or angina to name a few. We are here to get you back to a full and rewarding life after a cardiac event. 


We help with understanding how to live with and manage your condition whilst staying as healthy as possible and reducing the risk of another cardiac event.


Hansford & Crocker will always consider what your individual needs are and this has and will always be our mission statement. We are here to help get your life back on track and help you become a healthier you so that you can enjoy your life in the knowledge that you have taken the first step in becoming fitter and reducing the risk of further issues.


We will always tailor our sessions at the pace you are comfortable with and work with you to achieve your goals in a safe and sensible timeframe.


Please get in touch for more information and to talk through your own personal journey.


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