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Read some of our previous clients feedback on how we provided the care they needed to improve their condition, bringing consistent results and care, tailoring our approach to each individual 


Samantha, 25, Myasthenia Gravis Patient


"I’m 25 years old and have spent the last 10 years in a reclined electric wheelchair due to a neuro-muscular disease. When the medical specialists had given up on my chances of ever being able to walk again, no other trainer or Physio would give me a chance, as the so called specialists are always ‘right’. From the first time I met Alex and Will, their enthusiasm and positive attitude towards my training and ability to improve, gave me the first glimmer of hope I’d had in a long time. Hope that there was more to my life than being confined to a wheelchair. That was two and a half months ago and during that time I have made enormous gains in my physical condition.Through the tireless efforts of Alex and Will I can now sit up, lift my head, have great strength in my arms and legs along with the development of core strength. I am at a point, in only two and a half months, that not long ago I would never have thought possible and this is purely down to the dedication, support and encouragement of Alex and Will.The treatment they provided was a result of their expertise in conjunction with research they undertook on my specific disease, creating a specialized regime suited just for me. With their help, I hope to walk once again and regain back my independence and my life. Words can’t express how thankful I am to have found Alex and Will and to me they are my hero’s."

Reuben, Hamstring Injury Patient.

"Alex & Will, offered excellent treatment for my hamstring injury. From the initial diagnosis and pinpointing the location of the specific point of injury,

They offered a targetted treatment programme which allowed me a rapid recovery. 

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank both you and Alex for the follow up questions whenever you see me in Cannon's gym. It is a nice touch.The treatment was well worth the money spent and I also appreciated never feeling pressured into an extra, what might be perceived as an 'unnecessary' treatment session. I would definitely recommend you to others that require sports rehabilitation."


Sports Injury
Leg Injury

Andy, Foot Injury Patient

“I sustained a foot injury whilst kick-boxing which meant I was in constant 24/7 pain for over 2 years. I couldn't walk properly, let alone do any sport. After several specialist visits and multiple X-rays and MRIs my consultant couldn't identify the source of my pain. While feeling disheartened a colleague recommending 'Hansford & Crocker', I booked an appointment, I felt I had nothing to lose.

In the first 10 minutes of the first session he did some exercises with my foot and pinpointed exactly what was wrong. 

I was very impressed and have now been to a few sessions. My pain has decreased an enormous amount and I should be pain free within the next month at this rate.I believe the work that Will and Alex do is amazing and I would like to say a huge 'THANK YOU', especially to Will, for not just relieving my pain but for not giving up when everyone else had. I will never use anyone else!"

Natalie, Personal Training

I have been going to the gym regularly for over 4 years.

Since I have been training with Will, I have not only changed my whole attitude towards foods but also the way in which I workout.

After years of training and not eating well, I am now finally enjoying a good balanced diet with interesting gym workout with variety. Will has taught me how to live a balanced life.My body shape has become more toned and I can now focus on certain area I want to improve. Their facilities in Hessle are a great private place to train with excellent facilities."

Intense Training
Stretching Fitness

Julie, Borderline Hernia Patient

I was initally introduced to Alex following a Doctor recommendation after seeking out a non-surgical solution for my borderline hernia. Alex professionally diagnosed, treated and educated myself, providing me with the care through treatment, exercise, support and education to manage, alleviate and strengthen the condition; to a standard where no surgery was required. Alex began personal fitness training me twice a week 3 months after the diagnosis of the initial injury, to prevent re-injury and remove poor traits.

I am now the strongest, fittest and most physically toned I have ever been in my life

 I can personally recommend Hansford and Crocker - they can and will change your life in all the aspects you require; they have indeed a special niche in improving physical modern life, whether work, sport or personal training related."

Sarah, Neck & Back Pain Patient

"I have suffered for over 6 years with neck and back pain. I regularly saw my GP and was referred several times for physio. I had a M.R.I. scan in 2007 which revealed that I had Spondylosis of the neck and spine.Over the years my GP gave me regular steroid injections and I took several types of medication. My GP and Physio both told me it was something I would just have to learn to live with.I'm 32 years old and my daily living was restricted. I was recommended to visit Hansford & Crocker, 

I can't believe the difference and benefit I have gained.I am no longer in constant pain

and have reduced the amount of medication I need to take.Hansford & Crocker are fantastic and I would, and have, recommend them to others."

Physical Therapist

Bill, 70, Musculoskeletal Pain Patient.


"After a recommendation from a relative, I contacted Handsford & Crocker after many problems I'd faced with my back. It was the best decision i've made and i only wish I'd known about them sooner. After a prolapsed disk, I was in constant agony, previous Physios had recommended I give up golf and to expect pain for the rest of my Life. Alex however promised to see me fixed and back on the green. 

I have never been so pleased with the results. My back is stronger, without pain and has fantastic movement.

My life has changed and my passion for golf has come back which is a far cry from when I was told last year I wouldn’t be able to play again.Thank you so much, and I wish you the very best."

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