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Shape Up

Injury Rehabilitation, from the comfort of your own home.

Here at Hansford and Crocker we have been thinking long and hard about how to reach out to more people and how to provide the public with our expertise and vast knowledge in getting injuries and issues resolved.


Our Solution: We can proudly say we have become ‘The Nation’s Injury Rehab specialists’.  We are now available nationwide virtually where we can chat, video, message and be in the comfort of your own home or workplace helping you with your injuries or rehabilitation so that you can become a healthier you.


Whether you are on holiday, at home, off sick or just sustained an injury, get in touch by filling out our form and we will be on hand via video to talk you through your injury and get you back to full fitness through advice, guidance, exercises and motivation. You can be anywhere in the country or even (with good wifi) anywhere in the world and be able to contact us and we will be next to you in every step of your recovery.


We are slightly different to most as we will be with you every step of the way and will not shy behind pieces of paper for you to struggle through. We will be with you making sure you are doing the exercise right and there to help guide you through the difficult times when you are injured.


  1. Complete the form below

  2. We will confirm your appointment via email within 24 hours

  3. Log into your virtual session via a link 

  4. You will then be talking to our professionals and be rest assured that your injury is cared and catered for without going out your way


Initial Assessment and Rehab £38

Re-assessments and progression £35

Online PT, Post-Op, Cancer Rehab £35


Online Personal Training

Online Post-op Rehab

Online Cancer Rehab

To book your virtual appointment, simply complete the form below and we will aim to be in touch within X days to finalise the details. 

*Field is required.

Thanks for getting in touch! 
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