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2 Sessions

Our screening process is tailored to your sport, lifestyle and demands life has on your body. From professional screening assessments to general MOT screening, we will assess the whole body and highlight weaknesses, potential areas with higher incidence of injury and then assess in more detail your gait and the way you play your sport or challenge yourself.


Our comprehensive injury prevention and screening assessment comprises of 2 sessions that will provide a thorough understanding of your body and how to strengthen and improve to a state of improved performance and conditioning.


Initial Screening Session

We will ask for your medical history and start our screening process using tailored tests for your specific sport or needs. We will then talk you through what we have found and book your injury prevention session.


In the meantime, we will write up the findings and create a report for your records which will include the route to take to help with weaknesses and the exercises that will aid specific areas of the body.


Injury Prevention Session

The second screening session is the injury prevention side which is the most important. We will go through the report, exercises and any questions you have to make sure you leave knowing your areas to improve, how the exercises prescribed will help and how to perform the exercises autonomously.



Our process is here to help you become a stronger, more knowledgeable individual that can improve your performance and conditioning.

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