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Any injury to a joint, muscle, ligament or tendon caused by sport, leisure activity, or work can be treated by the specialists here at Hansford & Crocker.

These include,

but are not limited to:



Sports Injury
Sports Equipment
Leg Injury

Neck Pain

Including stiff neck, whiplash injuries and trapped nerves.

Back Pain

Including upper and lower, back pains, such as stiffness and muscle spasm.

Arm, Hand, Wrist & Elbow Pain

Including Tennis/Golfers elbow

Leg & Knee Pain

Including swelling, oedema, Knee ligament sprains, muscular strains

Shoulder Pain

Including Rotator cuff injuries, ligament damage, frozen shoulder

Foot or Ankle Pain 

Including ankle sprains, dislocation, proprioceptive issues

Groin Pain

Including Gilmour’s groin, hernias, hip flexor strains, adductor issues

Muscles Tears & Strains

e.g. Hamstring, calf, bicep etc.

Achillies Tendon Pain

Including Severs disease, tendonopathy


Including numbness, burning sensation, piriformis syndrome

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Post Traumatic Pain

e.g. following a fracture or dislocation

Gentle wear & tear

e.g. Arthitis, frozen shoulder etc.

Sports Injuries

We also specialise in muscle imbalance work and rehabilitation.

You do not need a GP referral to book an appointment.

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